2015-2016 LifeChanger Spirit Award Winner – Dana Ford

Watch Our Spirit Award Surprise Event

Dana Ford is a second grade teacher at Tallapoosa County Board of Education's Horseshoe Bend School in New Site, AL. She is a selfless leader who always puts her students' needs before her own.

On May 2nd, we surprised Mrs. Ford at an assembly attended by over 400 students and staff to let her know that she and her community won this year's LifeChanger Spirit Award! Mrs. Ford will be receiving a $1,500 personal cash award, as well as a $1,500 donation to her school, Horseshoe Bend School.

Mrs. Ford is a selfless leader who always puts her students’ needs before her own. For example, she helped one of her students, Gracie Deason, return to school after being out for a month because of a car accident.  Whether it was by going on a Gracie Parade or doing the Whip and Nae Nae dance, she helped her seamlessly transition back into the classroom. For that, she is a LifeChanger.


Mrs. Ford and the Horseshoe Bend community won the Spirit Award because of the tremendous amount of support that was demonstrated for Mrs. Ford's nomination. Here are some of the amazing ways Horseshoe Bend rallied around their LifeChanger:

  • When Mrs. Ford was first nominated, her school customized their readerboard to celebrate.
  • During the holidays, Mrs. Ford's students created a Christmas-themed bulletin board to honor her as a LifeChanger.
  • Her profile received 280 comments - one of the highest of this year's campaign - and was shared over 1,000 times on Facebook!

To read the comments left for Mrs. Ford, visit her nominee profile here.