2015-2016 LifeChanger Award Winner: Dan Pastrick

Dan Pastrick is a 8th grade Science Teacher at MSD of Boone Township's Hebron Middle School in Hebron, Indiana. He is an exceptional teacher in the classroom who uses innovative techniques and learning strategies.

On March 4th, we surprised Mr. Pastrick at a pep rally attended by over 250 students to let him know that he won a LifeChanger Award this year! Mr. Pastrick will be receiving a $1,500 personal cash award, as well as a $1,500 donation to his school, Hebron Middle School.

Dan Pastrick has been a science teacher at Hebron Middle School for almost 20 years. He has a true passion for the students, and it shows through his great effort. Mr. Pastrick's passion extends far beyond the walls of his classroom; he is motivated to help make the community of Hebron a better place to live and work.

Mr. Pastrick leads the National Junior Honor Society with service projects such as the HMS Haunted House. The Haunted House raises over $5,000 each year for the local Lion's Club Angel Tree, an organization that supplies gifts to those in need during the holidays. His generosity has cultivated an atmosphere at Hebron Middle School where service projects are a major part of the curriculum. Mr. Pastrick also leads the school's Mentoring Program, where 7th and 8th grade students mentor the 6th grade students as they transition into middle school. He helped write the curriculum for this program, and it has become one of the most important reasons why Hebron Middle School has a compassionate atmosphere for students and staff.

When students leave HMS, they come back on a daily basis to visit Mr. Pastrick and help him with projects. He has been a true LifeChanger in the Hebron community!

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