Jose Lara

Position: Dean
School: Santee Education Complex
School District: Los Angeles Unified School District
City, State: Los Angeles, California
About the Nominee: Mr. Lara, a dean at the Santee Education Complex, is the father of two children, an adopted nephew and husband to his wife Janet. He is a community organizer who is helping to inspire thousands of students to take action in support of multicultural studies at the high school level.

Mr. Lara is an educator in a community working to overcome significant challenges. He is one of those special people who arrives on the scene only so often, and is able to inspire entire communities to do what is right. As part of his commitment to help build tolerance and understanding among various groups, Mr. Lara serves as the adviser to the Gay Student Alliance. While many people in a similar position have come and gone, Mr. Lara has been a success.

Mr. Lara is also serves as the vice president of the El Rancho Unified School District Board of Education, where he is a leading voice in creating educational opportunities for under-served inner-city students. Mr. Lara's work to bring ethnic studies classes into more California classrooms demonstrates his commitment to building bridges between divided communities and different cultures, and educating students about the importance of working together to find solutions.

Mr. Lara is also an area representative for his union, a community organizer and a family man. He is also a dear friend to many and a leader who has changed the lives of many students.

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