Lessons from LifeChangers

As a LifeChanger of the Year nominee or winner, how do you change lives? Share your tips, creative ideas and key insights to help and inspire other educators make a difference too!Below are a few examples of what we will include in our new online publication "Lessons from LifeChangers" that will be available for all K-12 educators and school district employees.
  • Techniques that help motivate and inspire students to succeed
  • Unique approaches to lesson plans
  • Insights you’ve gathered or lessons you’ve learned about teaching
  • Creative classroom activities that engage students
  • Effective ways to support a student who is struggling
  • Advice for new teachers
  • How to put a fresh spin on the same old curricula/subject matter

Please use the fields below to tell us your helpful tips, creative ideas and key insights as a LifeChanger of the Year nominee so we can share the lessons you have learned with other educators throughout the country.

(Take a few minutes to record a brief video thanking your LifeChanger! Send it to us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, make sure to tag us and use #ThankALifeChanger)