Ana Travis

Ana TravisPosition: Elementary School Counselor

School: Sonntag Elementary School

School District: Frisco Independent School District

City, State: Frisco, TX

About the Nominee: Ana Travis has been an educator for ten years, and she is committed to the student and staff’s overall well being, dropping everything to put the children first. Mrs. Travis’s goal for each student is to build self-confidence, providing him or her with interpersonal communication skills and problem solving skills. With over 600 students in grades K-5, Mrs. Travis goes above and beyond to know the names and needs of every child that comes through her door. She provides a safe environment for kids to discuss concerns. In addition to meeting with students on an individual basis, she organizes small groups discussions about topics such as changing families, test anxiety, grief, and social skills and takes the time to meet with every class once per month to provide character building lessons. Mrs. Travis spearheads positive programs such as Character Kid of the Month and Olweus, a bully prevention program. She is committed to creating a positive school climate through her work with Rachel’s Challenge, and she also has an open door policy for the families of her students through programs such as Adopt an Angel and Coffee with the Counselor. When Mrs. Travis is not meeting with students, staff, or parents, she is overseeing all standardized and state testing required of a Frisco ISD elementary campus. Mrs. Travis can also be found leading meetings with the staff to ensure the needs of the students are being met through appropriate accommodations in the classroom. Sonntag Elementary continues to be a place where the students flourish both academically and emotionally thanks to her influence.

Posted in LifeChanger of the Year Nominees 2013-2014.


  1. Congratulations! You are such a positive influence on our children! We appreciate your time, experience and commitment with each of them.

  2. Congratulations! We love Mrs. Travis and she deserves this honor and more. She has been such a blessing to Maura. We are so thankful to God that we are involved in such a wonderful school and that Maura is surrounded with wonderful Administration and Teachers. Thank you for being such a special person and part of the Sonntag family :)

  3. Ana! We are blessed to have you at Sonntag and in our lives! It is always reassuring to know that you are a phone call away with your kind support, guidance and wonderful suggestions on how to handle different situations! We really value your suggestions and ideas, as they have proven to be quite effective! You are always willing and pleasant and are a perfect fit with all the wonderful, amazing staff at Sonntag! Congratulations on your nomination and as you continue your work here, may you continue to shine for the students, parents, staff and Sonntag Elementary!

  4. Congratulations Mrs. Travis. You more than deserve this honor. Peyton was lucky enough to get to know you better last year during our family’s difficult journey. I know how dedicated and compassionate you are because Peyton did not struggle as much as I would have expected and she loved going to your class each week. It was like a weekly treat for her. Thank you for being a part of our childrens’ lives at Sonntag. You are truly special!

  5. We have first hand experience with how wonderful Ms. Travis is with our children at Sonntag. If it were not for her, I do not think our little Meaghan would have made it through 3rd grade. She helped Meaghan through a very difficult time and also helped her to gain the confidence she needed to be successful in 4th grade. Meaghan finds it very hard to communicate her feelings at times, but Ms. Travis is the one person I know that Meaghan feels truly safe and secure with. Our family and Meaghan Love her truly and we couldn’t think of anyone who deserves this more than she does!! Way to go Ms. Travis!!

  6. I’m so happy for you!! Thank you for everything you have done! We really appreciate all your help and can’t thank you enough. We are so blessed and fortunate that our kids have you as their counselor and they talk great things about you all the time and love you! You are so passionate and dedicated to all of your students and make such a positive impact on all the children lives! Congratulations on becoming a nominee!! Welcome back:)

  7. Ana, we are so blessed to have such an amazing counselor at our school. Your love for the kids and your co-workers truly does make Sonntag an even more special place to be. Grateful for your daily smile!

  8. I cannot think of a person more deserving than you, Ana! It was an honor to work with you and see the impact that you had on every single kid that stepped into your classroom, and the affect you had on teachers. Your kind, generous, and loving personality is something that will stay in the hearts and minds of everyone who is blessed to work with you or have you in their lives! :) Congrats!

  9. Ana, since day one you have stood above the rest! You, your kind heart, and listening ear have helped so many of the kiddos you have worked with over the past 10 years. You go above and beyond to ensure the kids understand or have what they need to be successful. I cannot think of anyone more deserving than yourself. I also want to add that your impact does not stop at the children you work with. It has always spilled over to those that surround you, co-workers, friends, and family. I don’t think there is anyone that doesn’t immediately love you!!! Burnett Jr.High misses you, but is very happy to see you spreading your kindness and helping kids in their life’s journey!

  10. Ana, I can’t think of a more deserving nominee! You are such a kind, caring person and teacher. Your students are very fortunate to have you in their lives.

  11. What a blessing you are to Frisco ISD! They are lucky to have you! Your kindness towards co-workers and children beams through your smile. What wonderful person inside and out! Congrats!

  12. Congratulations Mrs. Travis! Thank you for doing such an amazing job at Sonntag! My kids are so blessed to have you as their counselor!

  13. Congratulations Ms. Travis! We are so blessed to have you at Sonntag and are very glad to have you back. You are an amazing person, teacher, counselor, role model, and I’m sure mother. Thank you for being a bright light in our school and community.

  14. Congratulations Mrs Travis! As a parent and an educator I know no one else so deserving! I’ve seen how you go above and beyond for not only the students at Sonntag but for the parents and fellow teachers! You are amazing and so glad to have you at Sonntag!!

  15. Congratulations Ms. Travis! I see you working hard day in and day out with one goal, the well being of Sonntag’s Students. They are so lucky to have you as their advocate. You are a natural fit for this award.

  16. Ana:
    We are so very proud of you. Your students and their families are fortunate to have such an awesome school counselor.

  17. Congratulations on your nomination Mrs. Travis! I couldn’t be more proud of you! You are certainly deserving! The way you pour your heart and soul into the happiness and success of Sonntag’s smallest family members is unmatched! We as parents are all so lucky to have you in our children’s lives!

  18. Mrs. Travis,
    Congratulations! You are always so kind and easy to talk with for children and parents. The children think you’re AMAZING because you are. My son was so sad when he was pulled for another activity and missed your monthly Character Building discussion with his class last year, so we made arrangements for him to not miss the discussion anymore. Thank you for your compassion and love. So glad you are a nominee!

  19. Way to go Ms. Travis. I couldn’t think of a better individual who deserves this award more than you. You are an amazing counselor! Sonntag is a better place because of you.

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